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🎞️ “Katerina Sabotage, persona non grata!” is the new video +SHE+ from the album Katerina Molotov signed by the director Hypno.
On the occasion of the video release at Control, +SHE+ is staging a whole concept around the story between Corina Sucarov and Katerina Molotov & presents three acts with three projects:
🩸 IXV is an electronic music project that integrates the sonority of the violin alongside synths. IXV combines the 90’s sound of British trip hop with 80’s elements of electronic music in a down tempo rhythm. The atmosphere surrounding this project is cinematic, surrounded by mystery and heavily influenced by surrealism, the Twin Peaks series, nostalgia and emotion.
🩸 Shibaro is the team that uses the red string as a creative tool. They transform a former medieval torture method into various artistic manifestations such as performance, theater, installation, but also use it as inspiration for painting and photography. Through their performances, they aim to impact all the senses of the audience and leave a question mark at the end, but also create artistic compositions with every movement and connection they make.
🩸SHE+ video release – Katerina Sabotage, persona non grata! – video by Hypno
🩸+SHE+ – Katerina Molotov

Katerina Molotov has been my imaginary friend since I was 5 years old. I created her and saw it until I was 7 years old. Then I saw her again when she was 16 and she was the same age as me. In 2013 I found out her name, and in 2016 she appeared at a festival among the trees. In the fall of 2021 I started seeing her again on the streets around my house.
This project “+SHE+” started at 5 years old. That’s when I started composing Katerina’s songs and poems. This second album is the reason why I started composing music. These nine songs are about Katerina, our relationship, and the thoughts we shared. +SHE+ started with Katerina Molotov. +SHE+ is Katerina Molotov. And I have Corina Sucarov.”
This album is dark, depressing, deep, sexual and danceable.
Drama-Pop, Dark-wave & post-punk.

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